Free Workbook Download!

Free Workbook Download!

Whether you are building, remodeling, or simply refreshing your resort or hotel, the Hospitality Eco Checklist has over 70 examples that are proven to increase your sustainability, lower costs, and boost your customer engagement.

This free workbook is easy to edit, filter, and track your progress. It is organized by four areas of focus:

  1. Administration

    • CSR Team & Policies

    • Impact Benchmarking

    • Environmental Certifications

    • Carbon Offsetting Strategy

  2. Infrastructure & Waste Management

    • Renewable Energy Sources

    • Water Preservation & Potable Solutions

    • Waste Management

    • Building, Grounds, & Interior Materials

  3. Procurement

    • Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment (FFE)

    • Guest Room Consumables

    • Local, Organic Food Sourcing

    • Retail Goods

  4. Connection

    • Guest Engagement & Marketing

    • Staff Training & Programs

    • Community Outreach

    • Synergistic Partnerships

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Google Slides Presentation

Google Slides Presentation

Hey girl, Here's why you should care about plastic.

Hey girl, Here's why you should care about plastic.